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Summer Internship: A Reflection

This reflection comes from Jess Hoy, who interned with the UVA Health Marketing Communications department this summer. 

Walking into the brick administration office at UVA early in June, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Prior to the first day of my internship, I had been informed that my duties would cover “a variety of areas.” I took that to mean jobs in both the coffee-carrying and copy-making departments.

Three months later, as I get ready to head back out into the world outside of UVA, I know, however, that “various areas” means I would follow Jess Hoy interned in the UVA Marketing Department this summer.along on media escorts, sit in on focus groups, tour buildings under construction to get a sense of advertising options, and write many and, yes, varying, articles, blog posts and media advisories to be published in numerous locations. There were no never-ending hours of filing or sorting, and I was required only to make coffee for myself.

Admittedly, three days in, I was slightly overwhelmed by the volume of names I knew I would never remember and the seemingly millions of tasks carried out within one building. I was quickly comforted, however, when everyone, even those with whom I would have little to no contact during my months here, offered a helping hand, telling me to stop by if I ever needed anything and to be sure to ask questions. As the intern within the Marketing Department, I was given the opportunity to see an incredible number of responsibilities performed by many different people, an experience that has given me not only a sense of what goes on away from the classrooms and operating tables, but has also provided me with invaluable insight into every marketing position under the sun.

As I prepare to leave, I am excited to apply my new wisdom to everything I hope to accomplish. I am also a little disheartened that my time has come to an end, as I will truly miss everyone I was given the chance to work with. It was an incredible three months, made possible by good tasks and even better people. Thank you to everyone involved in an amazing summer.

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