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Research Roundup: Online Insomnia Treatment & More, November 2016

zinc research nov 2016Insomnia Treatment on the Internet

The Bite-Sized Synopsis: Researchers have found that over 70 percent of people using an online program to help their insomnia experienced great improvements in both sleep quality and quantity.

What This Could Mean for You: If you or someone you love suffers from insomnia, you can now access an online program that could help provide a good night’s sleep.

Read more about the finding on online sleep training.

Breast Density: An Unknown Factor

The Bite-Sized Synopsis: The UVA Center for Survey Research found that very few women know the facts of breast density. Why a problem? Breast density is not only a risk factor for breast cancer, and it reduces the accuracy of standard mammograms.

What This Could Mean for You: Time to get educated and share what you know. Women need to know if they have dense breasts or not; and, if they do, they need to discuss other screening options with their healthcare provider. If your healthcare provider hasn’t talked to you about this, it’s time for you to ask.

Find out more about the survey.

What You Didn’t Know About Zinc

The Bite-Sized Synopsis: Zinc gives your body essential nutrients, but too much can be toxic. UVA research has developed a deeper understanding of how the body uses, moves and regulates zinc and attains homeostasis, a healthy balance necessary for good health.

What This Could Mean for You: The implications aren’t immediate; but this research could have disease treatment implications by explaining why certain drugs affect some patients differently than others.

Learn more about this research on zinc.

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