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Identifying, Treating and Preventing Infections in Kids

infections in kids help build immunity
When siblings infect each other, it can feel like someone in your house is always sick.

Between colds, ear infections and stomach viruses, many parents feel like their young kids are always sick. Then they have decisions to make. Is the child contagious? Well enough to go to daycare or school? Should they visit the doctor?

In fact, kids with healthy immune systems will be sick an average of five to seven times a year, says Leigh Grossman, MD, a pediatric infectious diseases expert. Many of those illnesses may be clustered in the winter months and, of course, siblings bring home bugs from school and get each other sick.

In this week’s podcast, Grossman offers for advice for parents dealing with infections in kids, including:

  • Common illnesses
  • How sick is too sick for school
  • What to look for, from a health perspective, when selecting a daycare or preschool
  • Why you don’t want to prevent every viral infection
  • How to prevent some infections, like strep throat

Listen to the podcast:

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