What’s Parkinson’s Disease: Movement Disorders & Deep Brain Stimulation Explained

You’ve heard about it in the news, perhaps in conjunction with Michael J. Fox, but what’s Parkinson’s disease? Parkinson’s is a brain disorder, and its symptoms include:

  • Slower and more difficult movements, such as walking or buttoning a shirt
  • Poor balance
  • Tremors (trembling) when you’re not moving

Parkinson’s Diagnosis?

Find a movement disorders and Parkinson’s specialist.

Treating Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s falls under the umbrella of movement disorders, which all include involuntary, abnormal movements. It can be complex to treat. UVA neurosurgeons use a technique called deep brain stimulation (DBS), which doesn’t cure the disorder but can reduce symptoms.

Watch the video to learn more about movement disorders and DBS from two UVA neurosurgeons.

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