Anxiety: The Myths & Facts of Anxiety Disorders & What to Do About Them

Like many mental illnesses, anxiety often gets categorized as a problem easily fixed. The fact is, anxiety disorders are real, and they require real treatment. This infographic addresses common myths about this mental health issue that often prevent people from taking it seriously and getting treated.

How Myths Harm People With Anxiety Disorders

Why does it matter? People tend to minimize or dismiss mental illness; our culture stigmatizes psychological disorders. Even if the anxiety feels severe, individuals will consider symptoms of constant worry and fear or panic attacks unimportant or shameful.

The result: Most people who end up having a clinical diagnosis of anxiety tend to wait over 10 years to seek treatment. And research shows that untreated anxiety disorders can interfere with a person’s ability to move through life on a daily basis.

Learn more about the misperceptions of anxiety: View the infographic (PDF).

anxiety disorders infographic myths & facts


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