Do Yoga Any Time, Anywhere With This Online Video

Within the past decade, yoga has infiltrated not only Western culture, but also Western medicine. That’s because the more we learn about this ancient practice, the more we realize its benefits go far beyond flexibility and muscle toning.

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Multiple studies have shown that yoga can positively impact the body in many ways, including helping to regulate blood glucose levels and keeping the cardiovascular system in tune. It’s also an effective tool for managing stress levels and conditions like depression and anxiety. This is because yoga increases neurotransmitters in the body, such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, known as “happy chemicals.” And it decreases the stress hormone cortisol.

Give It a Try

Yoga practices are accessible to everyone and can be done just about anywhere. So if you’re feeling over stressed at work or you’re looking for a refreshing way to start your day, we’ve made it easy to give yoga a try. Join physician Ina Stephens, the co-director of the Medical Yoga Program for this yoga class captured in the video below. Do it at your own pace, break it up into segments or complete the entire class at once. It’s up to you.

(Remember: prior to starting any new exercise regimen, be sure to speak to your doctor.)


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  1. Melissa Cash-Tenorio (0618203) MRN# says:

    I have MS as well as a lot of arthritis and also 8 inches of metal holding my back together from a car wreck, I also have a brand new left reverse shoulder arthroplasty in January this year. I have a lot of arthritis in my left hip and this makes walking extremely difficult with the weather we have here in Virginia. There are several of these positions that I cannot do from pain and muscle spasms and because I am in a manual wheelchair. I really enjoy doing these exercises with you when I am able because I would rather prefer to fight my MS and spasms in as natural way as I can instead of using a lot of pills. With me pills cause sleepiness and normally bed bound where I loose muscle tone instead of gaining muscle tone. I am able to stand with a walker and on days that it is not raining or 3 days before a weather event my body starts hurting really bad. Do you have any wheelchair exercises and yoga poses that are possible? I have had MS for at least 4 years and your exercises makes great sense and really help with my arthritis a lot. Please help me to figure out other stretches that I can do in a wheelchair as well. Thank you for helping patients to fight the pain in a natural way without drugs. Please leave me more videos that I can do as well. I have people coming into my home to help me with chores as well.

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