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Bobby Chhabra on the ESPN Fantasy Football Podcast

Bobby Chhabra, MD, will be giving sports injury reports on an ESPN podcast.
Bobby Chhabra, MD, will be giving sports injury reports on an ESPN podcast.

Orthopedic surgeon and Hand Center founder Bobby Chhabra, MD, has hit the big time. After providing sports injury reports for local radio show Best Seat in the House injury report, Chhabra has been given the chance to go national. Stephania Bell, host of the ESPN Fantasy Focus Football podcast, heard Chhabra at his current gig and invited him to join a show on ESPN.

Chhabra is excited about the national exposure. “I get to educate communities on not only a local level, but at a national level as well. I get to help people understand injuries, rehab, surgery options and the best treatment plans.”

What injuries has he seen the most in football? “Wrist injuries, finger dislocation, tendon injuries and hand fractures.” His insights help people understand the decision process on allowing athletes to play, much of which is based on an athlete’s skill or role on the team. “A wide receiver can’t catch the ball with a club cast,” he says, as an example.

Before his time on the radio, Chhabra’s public speaking experiences occurred within the academic medical center or at conferences. Sometimes, he says, he has to backtrack when speaking to a non-medical audience, leaving out complex terms. But it’s a challenge he enjoys.

Listen to Chhabra’s Sports Injury Reports

You can hear Chhabra’s ESPN injury report on Stephania Bell’s podcast the week of October 16. Subscribe and download wherever you get your podcasts.

“I’ve always been a sports fanatic and passionate about medicine. These podcasts allow me to combine two of my passions. I didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy doing the local show in Charlottesville for the past 10 months. It’s a nice break in my routine and always a favorite thing I do each week. It also helps raises the visibility of the orthopedic services at UVA, showcasing our skills and the outcomes we obtain from our care.”

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