Behind the Badge: Kelsey Lucas, UVA Hospital Admitting Representative

Kelsey Lucas is a hospital admitting representative.

Anyone who works in healthcare will admit there’s a lot of paperwork involved. Even as a patient, it may seem like there is new paperwork to fill out at every appointment. As we admit patients to UVA Medical Center, additional paperwork captures crucial information for their care.

So who are the people behind this paperwork?

Meet Kelsey Lucas, one of our admission representatives. Lucas and her colleagues work with patients and their insurance companies to ensure that we accurately capture all pertinent information.

An Introduction to Healthcare

 Lucas had always been interested in the healthcare field and becoming an admission representative was a great opportunity to help her understand how a hospital operates. Although she studied graphic design in college, she realized she really wanted to be in healthcare. So she took the job at UVA for experience and hopes to ultimately go back to school to study hospital operations.

“I love the social interactions with multiple departments,” Kelsey explains. “My job has given me the opportunity to meet a wide range of people throughout the hospital.”

Creating A Positive Experience For Patients

The admission representative may be the first person a patient has contact with when arriving at UVA. Lucas’ goal is to create a stress-free experience.

“Since I have direct contact with patients and their families, I will do what I can to help achieve my goal of providing a positive experience with UVA,” she says.

UVA Hospital Admitting

Learn more about what to expect when you or a family member is hospitalized.

Admissions representatives interact with several types of patients and visitors:

  • Pre-admits are people who are having planned surgeries in the near future.
  • SAS, or Surgical Admission Suite, patients are being admitted and going straight into planned surgeries.
  • Waitings are people who came from home or their doctor’s office to be admitted but do not necessarily need to go through the emergency department. Many of these types of patients are unplanned stays.
  • Families of patients work directly with admission representatives to fill out paperwork on behalf of the patient.
  • Bedside patients have already been admitted, and admissions representatives visit them in their rooms.

“For every patient, I go over their demographics and get the appropriate forms based on their insurance,” Lucas explains. “I make sure their information is accurate – changing addresses or updating phone numbers when necessary – and alert their insurance to notify them that the patient has been admitted.”

The “waitings” are special cases. After completing their paperwork, these patients may have wait for a room to be ready.  Admission reps are responsible for making sure they get admitted. Lucas takes a personal interest in these patients, frequently touching base with them to inform and update them on their admissions and just to ensure they are still doing okay.

Lucas is a Virginia transplant and is grateful for her time at UVA so far. “I’ve met a variety of people in many departments,” Lucas says. “These are bonds that I really treasure. Some of these people I expect will be lifelong friends, and they make work enjoyable.”

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  1. Mrs. Janice Waldron says:

    Dear Kelsey Lucas , I cannot begin to explain the horrible experience I’ve been thru. I am a patient with many issues which lead into worsened health. I can barely get around now. Our medical system in this town we live in is only for the wealthy. I was getting satisfactory care but when my savings and retirement were gone, I tried for dissability and the lawyer had no paperwork from the Dr’s here so I was turned down for the third time. I found a little part time job and the youngsters were so mean to me I had to quit. (I was actually locked in the restaurant’s freezer for a few minutes as a joke). I have contacted UVA for an evaluation but even with health insurance won’t be able to afford the gas, and the hospital bills. If there is anyway any donations that would help with my bills I would love to experience the UVA healing. I have my grand daughter to raise and it’s hard as I have to be in a lounging position all the time and suffer horrible pain from the shots I recieved over the years, they have ruined the muscles in my back. I may be only dreaming but a lady can dream. It’s all I have left. I was literally robbed by PM doc’s and have the paperwork to prove it. So sad what some doc’s will do for a dollar. I have been looking at all the UVA system has to offer and am amazed that there are people out there who really care. Thanks for letting me vent. Keep up the good work.

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