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Life After A Pediatric Brain Tumor: Addie Kingery’s Story

Addie was living a normal high schooler’s life. She had great friends, succeeded in sports and was preparing for college.

In the winter of her senior year, she started getting headaches. Over time, the pressure of the headaches became more and more intense.

Addie and her parents decided to investigate. They went to her primary care doctor, who referred her to get a scan. Then, doctors found a tumor on her cerebellum.

“Her tumor was in the most common location for children to have brain tumors,” explains John Jane, Jr., MD, a neurosurgeon at UVA. The cerebellum controls a person’s coordination and motor function. Addie’s only symptom was her headaches.

Treating Addie’s Pediatric Brain Tumor Through Surgery

Addie and her family traveled to UVA, met Jane and had an instant connection.

“From the first time I met Dr. Jane, I felt instantly comfortable,” Addie remembers. “I feel like that’s not usually what people feel when they first meet a surgeon.”

After a successful surgery, Addie went on to compete in her spring track and field season. She graduated high school and pursued a career as a pediatric nurse, something she credits to her relationship with Jane and her experience at UVA.

Watch her story.

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