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Share Your Gratitude: The 2-Year COVID Anniversary

gratitude wall

Two years ago, we admitted our first COVID-19 patient. Since then, our team members have sacrificed so much to care for the community and each other. On this anniversary, we reflect on the sacrifice and trauma. We remember those who have been lost. And we embrace each other in gratitude for all the resilience, courage, and commitment that has helped us through.

This amazing team has provided over 12,000 tests to the community.

— Novella W. Thompson, director of population health, about our volunteers

A UVA nurse looks into the lobby

Healthcare workers across the country are struggling with burnout and exhaustion as COVID cases skyrocket.
We’ve all been traumatized. I think we are all stronger than we ever thought we could ever be. I would not have wanted to go through this with anyone else in the entire world. 

— Sarah Kaplan, RN, COVID Unit nurse

respiratory therapist Amanda Shaffer wearing scrubs and a mask
Respiratory therapist Amanda Shaffer works with pediatric patients.
This pandemic has really put a burden on respiratory therapists, sometimes making them feel that what they are doing isn’t making a difference. I want my colleagues to know that we make a difference every day in our patients and their families' lives, even when the outcome isn’t great. You do everything in your power to provide the best care to your patients.

— Bessie Brooks, respiratory therapist

man providing Covid test at drive-thru event
Mohan Nadkarni, MD, right, says serving one evening a week at a community COVID testing event "rejuvenates me and recharges my battery." Photo by Sanjay Suchak
They’re greeting guests, repairing machinery, working security, mopping hallways, and everything in between to help provide the foundation we need to be truly great.

— Wendy Horton, CEO, UVA Medical Center

Thank a Healthcare Worker

We invite you to share your appreciation on our virtual gratitude wall.

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