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7 Quick Questions With Nephrologist Hasan Iftikhar

Get to know your doctor with 7 quick questions

As a nephrologist, Hasan Iftikhar, MD, specializes in caring for patients with kidney disease, including:

Many of his patients need dialysis therapy. Dr. Iftikhar enjoys helping patients be successful with home dialysis by removing any barriers.

Meet a Farmville-Based Nephrologist

We sat down with Iftikhar and asked him our 7 Quick Questions.

1. What has most inspired and shaped your approach to patient care?

Hasan Iftikhar, MD

My patients remain my biggest inspiration. Patients who have kidney disease are considered to have the most complex medical needs of all specialties. Our patients work with providers and health systems day in and day out to manage their condition. I admire what they do and try to do right by them.

2. What’s your favorite part of your job?

My ‘Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic’ where we individualize each treatment plan to slow kidney disease progression, optimize medications, and improve general health. Research shows time and again that the right combination of medications and lifestyle can reduce the need for dialysis down the road and add years to life.

3. What’s your biggest fear when you’re a patient?

I am very fortunate to be blessed with good health. However, my biggest apprehension going to a doctor is that my concerns and values may not be heard. 

4. What do you do for stress relief?

I regularly meditate and spend time with family. That usually takes care of any stress on a bad day.

5. Dogs or Cats?

I grew up around cats as a child and I still yearn for it. Unfortunately, we have people in our house who are strongly allergic to cats. That’s why having friends who let me pet their cats is always purrrfect!

Looking for a Farmville Nephrologist?

UVA Nephrology Farmville offers kidney disease diagnosis, management, and treatment for adults.

6. What’s the last movie you saw? Thumbs up or down?

Oppenheimer. The fact that I stayed for the entire duration counts as a thumbs up! I watch movies very seldom

7. What’s the best advice that you’ve ever heard?

'If you keep competing and also refuse to die, you will become number 1 in your age bracket' - My tennis coach

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