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Keep up with your kid’s health: Find healthy snacks, injury prevention tips, sleep advice, family wellness, heart-warming stories of brave pediatric patients facing down disease. Get expert advice from our pediatric specialists.

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UVA Doctors Question Milk Fat’s Role in Childhood Weight Gain
Kids, News & Events 3/20/2013

Preventing Child Obesity: What Milk Should Children Drink? Children who drink low-fat milk will gain less weight than those drinking whole milk, right? Maybe not. New research from UVA's School of Medicine suggests that preschoolers who drink low-fat  (skim or 1 percent) milk are more likely to be overweight than…

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Virginia Camp Helps Young Burn Survivors
General Health, Kids 3/14/2013

Cathy Rogers didn’t know her son was making flamethrowers in the woods with his friends until he got burned. [caption id="attachment_6030" align="alignright" width="300"] Courtesy Central Virginia Burn Camp[/caption] Nothing had gone wrong the first couple of times they tried it but one afternoon, Jacob was trying to poke a hole…

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The Necessity of Sleep: Why Your Teen Isn’t Lazy and Your Kids Aren’t Crazy
Kids 1/28/2013

Your teenage child doesn’t go to sleep on time — or wake up in time for school. His grades are slipping. Your school-age child can’t sit still in class. She seems hyperactive. Your toddler treats bedtime like an invitation to literally bounce off the walls. [caption id="attachment_5699" align="alignright" width="300"] Kids need…

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The Dream of the Sleeping Baby
Kids 1/22/2013

Books abound. Opinions swirl. How best to get babies to sleep is one of those hot topics forever discussed and never resolved, fodder for both satire and debates. [caption id="attachment_5697" align="alignright" width="300"] How to get your baby to sleep, and why it's so hard to do so in the first…

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Not Candy: Laundry Pods Make Kids Sick
Kids, Prevention 12/18/2012

But now there’s a newer product that is serious: the colorful laundry pods or dishwashing detergent pods that look like toys or candy. The pods are about one square inch in size and feel squishy. They can have powder or concentrated liquid inside them, but it’s the concentrated liquid ones that cause severe illness in kids.

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Sensory Processing Disorder: Ambiguous but Real
Kids 12/11/2012

A child screams violently when her grandmother tries to squeeze and kiss her goodbye. A little girl smacks her playmates in the head, without concern for consequences. Another child zones out in the corner of a loud room. A little boy wails because his feet are wet, and he is…

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