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Get the latest health news from UVA hospital. Learn about current events, clinical trials, medical research taking place here in Charlottesville.

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Advance Directives: Making Your Healthcare Decisions Now
News & Events 4/16/2012

As a patient, you have the right to make decisions about your healthcare. But what happens when you can’t make those decisions for yourself? What if you’re in a coma or you have a terminal illness? Will your family know what to do? Do you even want your family to…

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Alzheimer’s, a Growing Issue video post
News & Events 3/13/2012

The sixth leading cause of death in the United States. A disease becoming increasingly more common as other major diseases diminish. 5.4 million Americans have been affected, but still the cause and cure remain a mystery. This is the reality of Alzheimer’s. “Alzheimer’s is coming out a lot more now…

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We Have Blog Contest Winners!
News & Events 3/2/2012

Thank you for commenting during Heart Month! Two of our readers won great prizes! Laura I. Fekishazy: First prize, a $100 gift certificate to The Happy Cook in Charlottesville. Sherry Comer: Second prize, a $50 gift certificate to Sticks Kebob Shop in Charlottesville. We hope you all continue reading, enjoying…

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Heart Month Tip 1: Be a Detective
News & Events 2/1/2012

Find out if anyone in your family has a history of heart disease. [caption id="attachment_3086" align="alignright" width="263"] Celebrating Heart Month[/caption] Family history is one of the risk factors you can’t control, but knowing your risk can help you and your doctor develop a care plan that is right for you.

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Top 9 Posts of 2011: Which is Your Favorite?
News & Events 12/29/2011

Like many of you, we're taking a moment before the start of the new year to pause and reflect on the highlights of 2011. Considering what's been of interest to you will help us bring you even more to enjoy in the coming months. So, here are the most-read stories…

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Full Moon Rising: An Investigation of a Myth
News & Events 9/8/2011

“Things get crazy when it’s a full moon.” I’m sure you’ve heard it before – full moons fill hospitals: more babies are born, more people visit the emergency room. It’s the kind of conventional wisdom people talk about with unquestioned conviction – and have for years. Lunacy derives from the…

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The Four Miler: 3,500 Strong for Breast Care
News & Events 8/31/2011

For many, Labor Day weekend is a chance to relax by the pool one last time as summer winds down. But 3,500 Charlottesville-area women have a mission this year. They’ll be running or walking the Women’s Four Miler Saturday morning to raise money for UVA’s breast care program. The Four…

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Plate or Pyramid? You Tell Us!
News & Events 8/24/2011

Which one's easier? Or does it even matter? [caption id="attachment_1354" align="alignright" width="300"] Images courtesy USDA[/caption] The USDA announced a couple of months ago that it’ll be doing away with the food pyramid, which was divided to show us how many servings of each food group we need in a day.…

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Be Social with Us
News & Events 8/16/2011

Do you like us? Since you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing you do, or at least, you’d like to like us. You’re a UVA employee or a patient or the relative of a patient. Or maybe you’re one of the 8 in 10 internet users who looks for health information…

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