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Get the latest health news from UVA hospital. Learn about current events, clinical trials, medical research taking place here in Charlottesville.

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UVA Researchers Slash Recovery Time for Cancer Surgery
News & Events 2/13/2013

A new approach to cancer care at UVA is helping patients heal faster. A typical hospital stay after a Whipple procedure to treat pancreatic cancer is as long as two weeks, but the new approach at UVA is often cutting that time in half. This allows patients to begin potentially life-saving chemotherapy…

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Monthly Roundup, Jan 2013: It’s a Real Sleeper
News & Events 2/6/2013

It's what most of us wish we could do during the cold months of January... curl up and sleep until spring. So we brought you our series on sleep. We found out the hows and whys of sleep for adults, as well as some crucial information about kids and teens when…

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Diabetes: Managed Without Medication?
News & Events 1/24/2013

A just-launched study at the UVA School of Medicine is investigating whether patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can safely manage their condition without medication. The study, which is led by UVA researcher Daniel Cox, PhD, involves a large education component and aims to provide participants with the tools…

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In Their Own Homes: New Program Provides Nursing Home Alternative
News & Events 1/19/2013

Central Virginia seniors will soon have another option for medical care, companionship and independent living. This week UVA, in partnership with the Jefferson Area Board for Aging and Riverside Health System, broke ground on the Blue Ridge Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE. The PACE Center in…

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Monthly Roundup: October 2012
News & Events 11/6/2012

Did you notice? In October, we made changes to the look and feel of the blog — including adding a page of videos on a range of healthcare issues. We also brought you stories about: Sports medicine on the football field A new program improving care for the seriously ill…

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New Life with Stem Cell Transplants
News & Events 11/5/2012

Mary Laughlin, MD, first became interested in using stem cells to treat diseases when she was in medical school in the 1980s. A few decades and countless hours of research and trial work later, that idea is healing hundreds of people at UVA. And, according to Laughlin, just getting started…

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Anthrax: A New Discovery
News & Events 10/18/2012

Anthrax. It’s one of those words that immediately sends chills up your spine when you see it in a news headline or hear it mentioned on the radio. Today’s mention of the deadly bacteria also, at first glance, seems a little chilling: UVA researchers have found that anthrax spores actually…

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Why Does Our Blog Look Different?
News & Events 10/15/2012

We’re making some changes to the blog this month to improve navigation, encourage your participation and expand content. We’ve already made changes to the sidebar, and new pages and menu links are on the way, with completion scheduled for Nov. 1. The biggest additions to our blog will be a…

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