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Watch brave patients tell their stories of health problems; meet the doctors who saved their lives. Learn about new surgeries, treatments, medical innovations taking place at UVA Health.

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Happy Thanksgiving! A Pediatric Nurse’s Story [VIDEO] video post
People of UVA, Videos 11/27/2013

This week and every week, we’re thankful for our doctors and staff. Every person working at UVA, even those who aren’t caregivers, works hard to ensure our patients get the best care possible. In this video, Children’s Hospital nurse Nancy Addison recalls taking care of a little boy who came…

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17 Ways to Fight Holiday Stress [VIDEO]
Prevention, Videos 11/19/2013

I love the holidays. I buy gifts for those less fortunate and enjoy celebrating with friends and family, and if I’m really lucky, there’s some snow. No stress. But now, I have twin infants, so I’m willing to bet the holidays are about to get a lot more hectic at…

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3D Mammography: Earlier Cancer Detection, Fewer False Positives [VIDEO]
Prevention, Videos 10/17/2013

When I took a tour of the newly built Zion Crossroads Primary and Specialty Care, one of the most memorable parts was seeing a new mammography technology. Mammography technologist Lorie Hubbard passionately explained that this technology, tomosynthesis, catches breast cancers earlier and finds fewer false positives compared to standard mammography.…

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Historical Riches at the Library [VIDEO]
News & Events, Videos 9/24/2013

Think the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library is just for industrious medical students? Think again. The Health Sciences library is also home to a renowned collection of historical medical devices, artifacts and texts, almost all of which are available for public viewing.  Working on the ground floor below the library’s main…

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Brain Games Gamble: Can You Train Your Brain With Puzzles? [VIDEO]
General Health, Videos 7/22/2013

More and more, advertisements for brain games, brain puzzles and even brain training programs are popping up. Slogans seem to promise the ultimate mind makeover, with claims like, “improve your memory in minutes a day,” “train your brain with simple games” and “exercise your mind and increase brainpower.” How realistic…

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Celebrating Our Employees: Nurses Week and Hospital Week video post
People of UVA, Videos 5/10/2013

We celebrate more than just the arrival of warm weather the first couple of weeks in May. National Nurses Week ends on Florence Nightingale's birthday, May 12, which also marks the beginning of Hospital Week. That means lots of fun activities to celebrate not just our nurses but all the…

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