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Better Lives For the Very Sick
Prevention 10/23/2012

Doctors at UVA think some relatively commonsense changes can help very sick patients lead longer, happier lives. Although the pilot program, called CARE Track (Comprehensive Assessment with Rapid Evaluation and Treatment), involves the use of new technologies and an online dashboard for patients and doctors, at its core the program…

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New Doctors in Charlottesville: An Introduction
People of UVA 10/1/2012

We have many new doctors here at UVA, and we wanted to introduce you to a few here on the blog. Andra James, MD Andra James, MD, brings expertise in women’s health, from obstetrics and gynecology to maternal-fetal medicine. She is involved nationally and internationally in activities to improve healthcare for…

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Skipping Sunscreen? A Skin Cancer Patient’s Story
Patient Stories 6/12/2012

Did you know? One person dies of melanoma every hour, and it’s the most common form of cancer in adults 25-29 years old. Every spring, we begin seeing the magazine articles and public service announcements reminding us to wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer. But if you’re a fair-skinned 20-something…

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UVA Nurse-Turned-Massage-Therapist Offers Patients Relief from Cancer
People of UVA 3/6/2012

In January, we told you about the healing massage services at UVA Hope Cancer Care in Charlottesville. But did you know this service is also available at the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center? [caption id="attachment_3602" align="alignright" width="203"] Dinah Pehrson-Day provides massage therapy for patients at the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer…

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Antioxidants and Vegan Diets: The Role of a Cancer Center Dietitian
Patient Stories 1/16/2012

Each Monday this month, we’re looking at the UVA Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Program. How would you react if you found out the 4.5-centimeter lump on your breast was cancer?  What if you were just 31 years old, otherwise healthy and a busy student working towards a PhD? [caption id="attachment_2979"…

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A Gentle Touch: Massage for Cancer Patients at UVA
People of UVA 1/9/2012

Each Monday this month, we’re looking at the UVA Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Program. [caption id="attachment_2894" align="alignright" width="300"] Hand massage reduces stress and provides relaxation for cancer patients.[/caption] A soothing touch of the hands or a gentle and comforting foot rub. For a cancer patient going through treatment, massage can…

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X-Rays: Are They Safe?
Prevention 1/5/2012

Medical imaging tests help doctors diagnose diseases, from kidney stones and appendicitis to blockages in the coronary arteries and cancer. But a recent wave of national news headlines say Americans may be having too many medical imaging procedures, exposing them to potentially harmful radiation. So should you be concerned about…

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Nia: Giving Cancer Patients Something to Dance About video post

Each Monday this month, we’re looking at the UVA Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Program. When you meet Kristy Harvey, it’s not surprising to learn that she’s the one responsible for bringing Nia to the Health System as part of the integrative medicine program and the UVA Mindfulness Center. Her smile…

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