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Diabetes Management 101

diabetes management often includes a blood testAbout 1 in 5 Americans have diabetes. Chances are, you know someone with the disease. My grandmother, for instance, had type 2 diabetes; my niece has type 1; and, during my first pregnancy, I had gestational diabetes. All types require a person and their loved ones to learn the basics of diabetes management.

Diabetes management isn’t just about what you eat. You also pay attention to your activity levels. If you get sick, you have to exercise caution with any cold or flu medication you take.

This goes for family members and friends, too. If you’re planning holiday meals, you’ll want to consider making some low-carb and low-sugar options. And at any time of year, you’ll want to plan activities that don’t just center on food and candy. Support kids by connecting them to services like the UVA Children’s Fitness Clinic, where they learn how to stay active.

Read on for more advice on diabetes management.

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