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Healthy Parenting Resources (Page 3)

Kids, fitness, healthy habits in summerIt’s always something. If you have a kid or care for a kid, you know what I’m talking about. As soon as the ear infections and bladder accidents go away, your child shows up with lice, blisters, or bruises. A few years later and you’re finding pills or self-inflicted cuts. Healthy parenting requires you to know first aid for all the body parts, including your child’s constantly changing heart and mind.

If your child has a chronic condition, like congenital heart disease or cancer, the task of being a good parent feels even more daunting.

At UVA Children’s, we have specialists for all the things. Our pediatricians can help you figure out when a bloody nose is normal or a digestive issue needs extra care. These resources reflect expertise and guidance to help you on your healthy parenting journey.

Way shows Josephine how to breathe to ease anxiety.
My Sleepless Tween: How Yoga Helped My Child’s Anxiety and Insomnia
Kids 8/3/2018

Helping a sleepless tween figure out to manage stress, anxiety, and insomnia isn't easy. So I took my kid to see Dr. Way, who gave her a yoga prescription. My daughter learned to meditate, stretch, and take care of her worried thoughts. And now we're both less stressed. This is a story every parent should read.

teen self-harm: is your child at risk?
Teen Self-Harm: Can I Prevent My Teen From Cutting?
Kids 11/16/2017

Teens turn to cutting and other forms of self-harm to ease stress. Teen self-harm requires parents to help their kids cope. Dyan Aretakis of the UVA Teen & Young Adult Health Center offers tips on how to get started.

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