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Healthy Parenting Resources (Page 2)

Kids, fitness, healthy habits in summerIt’s always something. If you have a kid or care for a kid, you know what I’m talking about. As soon as the ear infections and bladder accidents go away, your child shows up with lice, blisters, or bruises. A few years later and you’re finding pills or self-inflicted cuts. Healthy parenting requires you to know first aid for all the body parts, including your child’s constantly changing heart and mind.

If your child has a chronic condition, like congenital heart disease or cancer, the task of being a good parent feels even more daunting.

At UVA Children’s, we have specialists for all the things. Our pediatricians can help you figure out when a bloody nose is normal or a digestive issue needs extra care. These resources reflect expertise and guidance to help you on your healthy parenting journey.

Mom buckling in her newborn baby to a car seat
Parental Guidance: New Rules for Installing Car Seats for Kids
Kids 9/25/2019

With the variety of car seats for kids available and recent changes to Virginia’s child restraint laws, there’s no doubt parents could use a bit of guidance. Child Passenger Safety Technician Sharon Ferraro provides tips on the best ways to keep kids safe on the road.

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