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Keep Summer Safe: Resources & Tips from Our Experts

Learn how to keep summer safeIt’s summer time, and some of you welcome the extra sunlight. You’re thrilled to head to the pool and sleep in a hammock. Some of you, on the other hand, don’t feel excited at all. Sunburns, tick bites, fireworks, drowning, dehydration — to you, summer in Virginia poses tons of threats. You’re worried about how to keep summer safe.

Whether your lemonade glass if half full or half empty, we’ve got the hot tips you need to keep you and your family healthy.

How to Keep Summer Safe

Our UVA Health experts have weighed in on all kinds of safety issues that crop up during the summer. You can think of these dangers as:

  • Natural
  • Seasonal
  • Situational

Summer Natural Dangers

Summer brings out magnolias and roses, but it also ushers in a time of ticks, snakes, and spiders. We cover all you need to know to avoid nasty run-ins during your next outdoor adventure.

You’ll also want to make sure you’ve prepped your family on water safety. When you’re out on a kayak, swimming in local creeks and lakes, or floating in the pool, you’ll want to stay alert and be prepared for natural dangers.

Summer Seasonal Dangers

Heat, humidity, and sun define our region’s summer. Make sure to stay hydrated and covered in sunscreen when you’re outside. Avoid heatstroke while exercising in the heat.

Summer Situational Dangers

July 4th festivities always bring with them casualties. Staying safe during this summer celebration takes a little planning.

Our emergency room also sees a rise in traffic accidents and other injuries during the summer. Of course, it makes sense that increased time outdoors leads to higher physical risks.

Then there’s the vacation weight gain due to your sudden daily ice cream habit. Or your kids spend their whole vacation inside, not moving. Eating well and staying active during the summer can seem challenging.

Don’t let caution derail your summer fun. Read up on these prevention tips. Get prepared and make plans for a safe and happy summer.

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