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Monthly Roundup: July 2014

The past month we featured some remarkable and inspirational patient stories about rare conditions with big impacts:

Kathy and her daughters all have long QT syndrome, a form of abnormal heart rhythm
Kathy Cundiff (center) and daughters Molly Winstead (left) and Emily Phillips
  • Cathy Cundiff protects her health as well as that of her daughters – she is aware of the inherited disorder, Long QT Syndrome, and its abnormal affects on the heart.
  • Devon Hendricks gets treatment for pseudotumor cerebri, relieving headaches and restoring her vision and hearing after six long years.
  • Adrian Chance learns about Brugada Syndrome, a genetic heart defect causing his heart to stop pumping – he also learns his sons do not share the life-threatening trait.
  • Michael G. Douvas, MD, speaks on treating sarcomas, a rare cancer that often shows no symptoms but can affect almost any part of the body.

UVA In the News

Stories that made the news this month:

  • A local tennis player gets to continue his passion for the sport due to a lung transplant, generously donated by an unknown stranger. (The Daily Progress)
  • A brain surgery patient returns to UVA to follow in his doctor’s footsteps and pursue his dream of helping others like him. (The Daily Progress)
  • Joe Thomas begins a program to help cancer patients face their diagnosis and overcome it at the Cancer Center. (Monticello Media)

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