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Morgan Hembarsky

Morgan received her undergraduate degree in journalism and mass communication from Lehigh University. She comes to UVA Health System after receiving her master’s degree in interactive media from Elon University. In the office she manages doctor profiles and develops web content to maximize functionality, usability and the patient experience on consumer sites. Outside of work, she can be found at the dance studio, creating Pinterest-inspired DIY projects and achieving her goal of visiting every state in the country.

Posts by Morgan Hembarsky

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar: Uncovering The Hype
Nutrition 5/16/2017

Apple cider vinegar has potential to be good for your health. But will it really help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol and blood sugar levels? An expert nutritionist reveals the truth.

group of friends celebrating
Drinking Alcohol: Myths vs. Facts
Prevention 12/30/2016

Ah, New Year’s Eve, we meet again. Before you pick up your next flute of bubbly, remind yourself to drink responsibility and know how to protect your body.

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