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Infographic: Medical Yoga Therapy in 10 Minutes

Medical yoga is a great therapeutic tool to help strengthen your mobility and improve your balance. Why bother with medical yoga? Get more tips and a five-minute stress-busting exercise in the latest issue of Vim & Vigor, our family health magazine.

10-minute medical yoga therapy workout

Infographic text: Yoga Therapy in 10 Minutes

Help improve your general wellness by relieving stress but also back and neck pain.

  • Breathing, 2-3 minutes
    • Sit in a comfortable position — spine upright and both feet on the floor.
    • Do five to ten cycles of deep breathing with emphasis on the exhalation.
  • Stretching, 4-6 minutes
    • Stretch the neck and shoulders loosely, however it feels good.
    • Put your left hand on your right knee. Twist gently to the right, looking over your right shoulder. Repeat on the other side.
    • Come back to center. Gently lift your chest as you gaze upwards.
    • Put you arms around your shoulder likes you’re giving yourself a hug.
    • Allow your spine to gently bend forward as you look down.
    • Raise your head. Pull your knee into your chest. Hold your knee with both hands. Repeat on the left side.
    • Stand up. Stretch your arms overhead with your palms together. Take three breaths.
    • Place your right hand on your right hip and learn to the right with your left arm extended overhead. Repeat on the other side.
  • Meditation, 2-3 minutes
    • Sit still and focus again on your breath. Calm yourself with each exhalation.
    • Active thoughts are normal. Instead of pushing the thoughts away, try to bring your attention back to your breath.

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