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Treating and Preventing Tennis Elbow in Athletes

whether you play golf or tennis, preventing tennis elbow should be a priority
Golfers and wrestlers are also susceptible to tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow doesn’t impact just tennis players.

This painful injury affects the outside of the elbow. It’s a form of tendonitis, or inflammation of the tendon attaching the muscle to the bone. It tends to affect athletes in their 30s to 50s, especially golfers and weight lifters.

Preventing Tennis Elbow

Orthopedic surgeon Nicole Deal, MD, says tennis elbow tends to be an overuse injury. She recommends:

  • Stretch before you exercise
  • Use ice and ibuprofen to ease minor discomfort after exercising
  • Listen to your body

“We all get sore from time to time, and we all want to be physically fit,” Deal says. “But if you’re doing something that’s really bothering you and lasts for a long time after the activity and limits your ability to do your daily activities, then you’re doing too much. You really need to back off and see someone and learn how to get fit without hurting yourself.”

Learn more about tennis elbow prevention and treatment in this week’s podcast. Listen to the podcast:

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