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Information Literacy: How Can You Advocate for Your Own Health?

Information literacy is the knowledge, ability and confidence to find and evaluate information about your own health. Lydia Witman helps patients and their family members with this every day. As the manager of the UVA Patient and Family Library, which is in the hospital lobby, she helps people find easy-to-understand health information.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have tried unsuccessful treatments, “there’s wonderful information available,” Witman says. “There’s also bad information available out there, especially on the internet, and even in some books.”

Health and Information Literacy for Kids

Witman also helps kids with questions about their own health or a family member’s. She also credits the UVA Children’s Hospital child life specialists. They use play, education and socialization to help kids adjust to the hospital and understand their illness.

In today’s podcast, Witman talks more about health literacy and how to become an informed patient. Listen to the podcast:

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