Germwatch Series: What’s Going Around in Central Virginia

Patient receives flu shot.
Get your flu shot!

What Germs and Health Concerns Are Going Around?

Do you need to get your flu shot?

Are your seasonal allergies bothering you?

Do I need to schedule my child’s well visit for school?

Our Germwatch series asks UVA health providers what’s bringing people into their offices in central Virginia.

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  1. Brenda M. Kelley says:

    What product of OTC medication is recommended for allergies? I have clogged sinuses, thick mucous, clear , coughing and pressure headaches. Thank you. Prefer all natural if available.

    • uvahealth says:

      Brenda, Dr. Williams did not recommend a specific OTC antihistamine but said finding the right one for you can be trial and error. We recommend you talk to your primary care provider, who may be able to give you a more specific recommendation based on your symptoms and health history.

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