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Taking it Up a Notch: What You Can Expect from the New Orthopedic Center

New Orthopedic Center ribbon-cutting ceremony

Last Wednesday, it finally happened. Bobby Chhabra, MD, head of UVA Health Orthopedics, finally held the giant scissors in his hands and cut the red ribbon at the doors to the Orthopedic Center. One of the best of its kind in the country, this massive facility took 10 years of effort and planning. For Chhabra, it's "a dream come true."

But it's just a building, right?

Wrong. This new space provides more than the new-car smell, so to speak. Truly designed with the patient in mind, the Orthopedic Center Ivy Road does offer amenities and convenience older structures lack. But it also boasts features that will boost the already exceptional level of care available. As a patient here, you can expect a whole environment conducive to optimal healing.

What You Can Expect from the New Orthopedic Center

Easy, quick, beautiful: These aren't words you normally use to describe a medical building. But you can apply them here.

Plenty of Parking

It's one of the top complaints from patients talking about the main University Hospital: parking. That's not an issue at this Ivy Road location. Ample and accessible, the available parking will ease the journey from car to clinic and back.

Better Use of Your Time

At this new center, everything is in one place: imaging, same-day surgery, physical therapy, prosthetics, more. You'll find more efficiency, with the clinics right next to each other. No more shuffling from one building to another, appointments separated in time and space. Chhabra calls this an improved "patient flow."

There's also a place to get food — another time-saver.

Visit the New Orthopedic Center

See the brand-new facility for yourself

Holistic Healing

Having all your orthopedic care in one location doesn't just save you time. It also allows for collaboration among your providers. The increased ability to collaborate on your care provides for a more customized, streamlined treatment plan. The less-fractured approach means you get a more holistic experience.

The Best Specialists & More of Them

UVA Health's orthopedics team is already attracting some of the best surgeons from around the country. Ortho specialists are excited to practice in an environment that has "the resources where they can do their best," Chhabra says. You'll be able to take advantage of the increased level of skill and range of offerings new talent brings.

Green Access & Impact

UVA Health met the goal of having this facility fulfill the requirements for LEED Silver certification. This means this building benefits our community at an environmental level. Plus, whether you're a patient or just waiting for one, walking paths that connect to our local trail system inspire healthy activity.

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