Morgan Hembarsky

Morgan received her undergraduate degree in journalism and mass communication from Lehigh University. She comes to UVA Health System after receiving her master’s degree in interactive media from Elon University. In the office she manages doctor profiles and develops web content to maximize functionality, usability and the patient experience on consumer sites. Outside of work, she can be found at the dance studio, creating Pinterest-inspired DIY projects and achieving her goal of visiting every state in the country.

Posts by Morgan Hembarsky

Monthly Roundup: August 2014

From the nationwide spread of the Ice Bucket Challenge to the heartbreak of Robin Williams’ death, we featured some hard-hitting stories this past month.

UVA neurologists take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

  • We’ve all seen the videos, but do you really know what the challenge is for? Ted Burns, MD, works…
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Monthly Roundup: July 2014

The past month we featured some remarkable and inspirational patient stories about rare conditions with big impacts:

Kathy Cundiff (center) and daughters Molly Winstead (left) and Emily Phillips

  • Cathy Cundiff protects her health as well as that of her daughters – she is aware of the inherited disorder, Long QT Syndrome,…
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