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Finding a Kidney Donor Faster: Paired Donor Exchange
General Health 4/8/2014

UVA has a new way to help people who need a kidney transplant find an organ donor. UVA has started participating in "paired donor exchanges," where a friend or family member who wants to donate a kidney to a loved one but isn't a match for the recipient can instead…

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Poetry Contest! Just What the Doctor Ordered
General Health 4/2/2014

Celebrate National Poetry Month with us! You might be wondering… why would a hospital blog hold a poetry contest? As we learned from a past interview with UVA’s own Daniel Becker, MD, doctor and editor of the journal “Hospital Drive,” research shows that creative writing is healthy for both patients…

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Brain Games Gamble: Can You Train Your Brain With Puzzles? [VIDEO]
General Health, Videos 7/22/2013

More and more, advertisements for brain games, brain puzzles and even brain training programs are popping up. Slogans seem to promise the ultimate mind makeover, with claims like, “improve your memory in minutes a day,” “train your brain with simple games” and “exercise your mind and increase brainpower.” How realistic…

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Are Sugary Drinks Worse Than Dessert?

People often forget about the hidden calories in beverages. Drinks often can be loaded with sugar, and studies have shown that increased consumption of these sugary drinks is associated with the rise in obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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Simulating the Driving Experience video post
General Health, Videos 3/29/2013

Behind-the-wheel driving tests can be an important prerequisite for getting or renewing a driver’s license. These tests are notoriously subjective. The weather and traffic volumes, for instance, can affect the outcomes. A rainy day in bumper-to-bumper traffic can test one’s driving skill in ways different than a sunny morning with…

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Virginia Camp Helps Young Burn Survivors
General Health, Kids 3/14/2013

Cathy Rogers didn’t know her son was making flamethrowers in the woods with his friends until he got burned. [caption id="attachment_6030" align="alignright" width="300"] Courtesy Central Virginia Burn Camp[/caption] Nothing had gone wrong the first couple of times they tried it but one afternoon, Jacob was trying to poke a hole…

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What’s Your Sleep IQ? Take This ‘Pop’ Quiz to Win a Massage!
General Health 1/29/2013

Sleep. We all do it — but how much do we truly know about it? Like other things that we tend to learn about through family, community and popular culture, we may have ideas that are correct according to conventional wisdom but aren’t quite scientifically accurate. Take this pop-culture-inspired quiz to…

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Trouble Sleeping? How Much Sleep You Need and Why
General Health 1/16/2013

“Sleep is for the weak!” That was what we said in college. For some, that meant holding down a job while taking 20 credits of advanced physics and engineering was more important. Others felt sleep cut the party short. [caption id="attachment_5551" align="alignright" width="300"] Insomnia? Avoid caffeine after mid-afternoon and keep…

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All About Sleep (Plus a Giveaway)
General Health 1/10/2013

Sleep. We all need it. And chances are, you’ve had trouble getting it at some point in your life. This month, we’re exploring sleep — including how it affects your body and the conditions and factors that can cause poor sleep. Plus, we’ll have tips on how to get kids…

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