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UVA Organ transplant team, 1989
UVA’s Organ Transplant Program at 50
General Health 4/26/2017

In the 50 years since it began, the organ transplant program at UVA brought people together, strengthening connections between families, friends, doctors, nurses, transplant coordinators and even strangers.

Living Liver Transplant: How It Works (Podcast Tuesday)
General Health, Podcasts 10/20/2015

About 17,000 adults and children in the U.S. are waiting for a liver donation, according to the American Liver Foundation, and some will die before they get one. However, they can increase their odds by asking friends and family members to consider a living donation. [caption id="attachment_10838" align="alignright" width="350"] Liver transplant surgeon…

Michael needed a liver transplant. A living donor saved his life.
Living Liver Donation: A Father and Daughter’s Story
Patient Stories, Videos 7/30/2015

When Michael Cox was diagnosed with cryptogenic liver failure in the fall of 2010, his family was told he needed to be put on the waiting list — without a transplant, his life expectancy was less than five years. His daughter, Shana, was immediately tested to become a living liver…

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Transplant Coordinators: With You Through the Journey
People of UVA 4/2/2015

When choosing a place to get your organ transplant, you’ll want to weigh factors like survival data, surgeon experience, research innovation and hospital reputation for delivering high-quality care. [caption id="attachment_9819" align="alignright" width="236"] Transplant coordinator Doriane Perkins, RN, MSN[/caption] Along with above-average outcomes, excellent surgeons, a robust research program and extensive experience,…

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Organ Transplants: The People and Process Behind the Scenes
People of UVA 4/28/2014

12 hours. That’s the maximum amount of time doctors have to transplant a liver once they remove it from a donor. During that 12 hours, a carefully orchestrated dance must take place behind the scenes, one where doctors and staff from different organizations must work together in perfect step as…

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Finding a Kidney Donor Faster: Paired Donor Exchange
General Health 4/8/2014

UVA has a new way to help people who need a kidney transplant find an organ donor. UVA has started participating in "paired donor exchanges," where a friend or family member who wants to donate a kidney to a loved one but isn't a match for the recipient can instead…

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Growing Organs for Transplant: A Major Step Forward
News & Events 4/4/2014

April is Donate Life Month, and the heartbreaking stories of people on long waiting lists for organs are abundant. And if you’ve been thinking about becoming a donor, we strongly urge you to sign up. [caption id="attachment_8115" align="alignright" width="296"] Chris and Bernard Thisse[/caption] But what if, one day, scientists could…

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