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Healthy Balance


healthy pregnancy
Healthy Pregnancy FAQs
Kids, Podcasts 8/30/2016

In this week's podcast, OB-GYN Vanessa Gregg, MD, addresses some common pregnancy topics, such as exercise, diet, prenatal vitamins and alcohol consumption.

newborn baby
Having a Baby at UVA: Delivery Options
Kids 7/21/2016

An important first step in preparing for having a baby is choosing someone to help deliver your baby. Learn more about all of the resources at UVA that are available to help you through pregnancy and delivery.

A UVA midwife with a new mom
How a Midwife Can Help You Have Your Baby
Kids, Podcasts 4/19/2016

Having a midwife doesn't necessarily mean a home birth or no epidural. Midwives are there for you before, during and after pregnancy and birth. This week's podcast explains the myths and facts of midwives.

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