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The ABCs (and Ds and Ks) of Vitamins

In my 20s, I kept a bottle of multivitamins in my kitchen cabinet. Every so often, I’d reach in there and grab a vitamin. More often than not, I ignored that bottle. Out of sight, out of mind. I started taking multivitamins more often once I reached my early 30s, assuming they would help with various health conditions.

We're exploring some of the mysteries of vitamins. What should you take and when?Now, I take a multivitamin every night without fail. Plus, I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency, so I take an additional supplement of that vitamin.

But do I really need to take those vitamins? Are they helping me — or could they be hurting me?

In the coming weeks, we’ll explore vitamins and supplements and clear up some of the mystery. You’ll get answers to these questions:

  • Why do we need vitamins?
  • What vitamins should I take if I’m pregnant?
  • Do my kids need to take vitamins?
  • How do I get vitamins in my daily diet?
  • And lots more!

Plus, we’ll share some vitamin-rich recipes you can try at home.

Check back here on Thursdays to find out everything you ever wanted to know — and a little more — about vitamins and your health. And be sure to comment and share your ideas and questions with us!

Enjoy reading!


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