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2016 in Review: Morgan’s Favorites

Favorite Post to Write

Clinic Helps Families Navigate Adoption Process

As someone who has yet to think about having kids of my own, writing this post opened my eyes to the adoption process. Of course, I knew this was always an option, but I was naive to its complexities. Mark Mendelsohn, MD, helped me learn the intricacies of this clinic and why it’s so valuable to Virginia. 2016 in review - adoption clinic

Where do I start? How long will it take? How will my child adjust to life in the U.S.? These questions don’t even scratch the surface of what this clinic can help answer. Writing this post gave me a new perspective on the hardships adoptive families can go through, as well as the gratefulness they feel for having help throughout the process.

Favorite Post to Read 

Why We Vaccinate! An Infectious Disease Expert’s Perspective

Throughout 2016, I’ve seen numerous Facebook rants and conversations about vaccinations. I even have friends that have said, “I’ve never gotten the flu shot and I’ve been fine, so I won’t get it this year.” I see the point for debate, but honestly, I believe it’s healthy genes and luck.

Leigh Grossman’s guest post had some points that resonated with me. Many people are skeptical of vaccinations for the fear of the risks and side effects. However, as Grossman says, “Nothing we do or expose our children to is without risk — playing sports, riding in a car or on a school bus, climbing a tree…However, we expose our children to all of these dangers because we want them to grow up and lead normal, full lives.”

To me it poses the question: “Why wouldn’t you want to give your child the best possibility for a healthy and sustainable life?” I’m not a betting person, but this scenario of small risk and large reward places my bet on the vaccination side.

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