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2016 in Review: Jen’s Favorites

My favorite posts are about UVA providing support and resources for conditions that people have struggled with but might not know are treatable.

Favorite Post to Write

Postpartum: What Nobody Tells You
Woman with Post Partum Depression

For new mothers, it’s a big shift from everyone asking about you when you’re pregnant to everyone asking about the baby. While it’s understandable to concentrate on the baby, new mothers have a big adjustment to make, and it can take its toll both mentally and physically. A lot of new mothers just try to tough it out.

It was great to talk to Carrie Sopata, MD, to find out that all of these questions and concerns are normal, and that she and her colleagues are prepared to answer those questions and direct new mothers to resources to help the transition from pregnancy to new motherhood.

Favorite Post to Read

Depression: Meet Your Match

Karen Pfieffer’s history of depression and how the common treatments — medication, therapy — failed to help her major depressive disorder is all too common. Support and treatment is out of reach for so many, so it was really wonderful to read about how transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy was able to help her.

Reading about her journey from feeling hopeless to describing herself as feeling positive emotionally and able to stop taking her medication was remarkable. Treatments available at UVA have changed her life and the lives of many other people.

What was your favorite story? Leave a comment to share it with us!

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