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Recipe Review: Sweet Potato Fries

We’re trying new heart-healthy recipes and will share the results with you. All recipes are from Club Red, UVA’s heart health club for women.

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries
Club Red’s sweet potato fry recipe is a healthy alternative to satisfy your cravings.

I’ll admit it  I’m a lazy cook. I loathe the effort and creativity it takes to put together a tasty meal. I feel like it takes me about one-fourth of the time to consume what I’ve made as it does to put it together.

That being said, sweet potatoes are a staple on my menu. They’re foolproof: easy to cook, tasty to eat and a good source of fiber and vitamin A.

A Healthy Alternative to French Fries

Every now and again, we all get a craving for delicious, salty (and fattening) French fries. Unless you have the metabolism of a young child, those babies go straight to the places we’re all trying to avoid. Luckily, sweet potato fries are a healthier alternative that hits the spot.

As I was just cooking for myself, I only used one sweet potato instead of three, and therefore, I used less oil. With previous experience, I can tell you that a good, sharp knife really makes a difference when cutting potatoes. I once used a duller knife and swore I would never cut potatoes again. Don’t worry; I’ve invested in better kitchenware since my college days.

With a sensitive stomach, I try to avoid dairy as much as possible. So, I exchanged the Parmesan cheese for some additional spices like cumin and paprika. I know multiple people who don’t like cumin, but I swear by it when I’m making something bland but want a bit of a kick. You could really incorporate any spice or cheeses you want to your potato slices.

Sweet Potato Fries: Get the Recipe

Sweet Potato Fries

The Verdict

There’s more than a 100 percent chance that I will be making these again. Next time I think I will cut the bake time and turn on the broiler for the last few minutes  this will give them a little bit more of a crispiness.

The only downside is waiting for them to cook. But let’s be honest, good food takes time, and I don’t mean in the microwave.

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