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Infographic: Fifty Years of Transplant at UVA

Learn more about organ and tissue donation. Visit the UVA Transplant Center.

transplant anniversary infographic

Infographic text: UVA’s Transplant Program at 50 Years

Donating a kidney or part of your liver can save someone’s life. And it’s something you can do now, either for a loved one or a stranger.

  • We receive over 3,800 organ offers annually
  • More than 5,000 patients have been transplanted
  • There are currently over 600 patients on our waitlist
  • We add more than 400 names to our waitlist each year
  • Our transplant center began in the 1967
  • There are 10 transplant programs at UVA:
    • Adult heart
    • Pediatric Heart
    • Adult Liver
    • Pediatric Liver
    • Adult Kidney
    • Pediatric Kidney
    • Pediatric Lung
    • Islet Cell
    • Adult Lung
    • Adult Pancreas
  • A kidney has 24-48 hours to be transplanted
  • A lung has 6 hours to be transplanted
  • A heart has 4 hours to be transplanted
  • A liver has 16 hours to be transplanted
  • Our patients live because other give. Become an organ donor.
  • Visit www.donatelifevirginia.org
  • If interested in living donation, please call 1.800.543.8814

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