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Amy-Sarah Marshall (Page 19)

Amy-Sarah, lead content manager, came to web communications by way of a master of fine arts in poetry from George Mason University. Amy-Sarah applied her creative talents to working with several nonprofits to organize and present their content with the user experience in mind. Whether blogging, consulting, or developing SEO tactics, Amy-Sarah blends the artistic with the analytical to infuse every project with fresh vision. Her daily work at UVA Health includes content strategy, editorial direction, and managing digital platforms.

Posts by Amy-Sarah Marshall

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Monthly Roundup: Top Stories from July 2012
News & Events 7/31/2012

July is hot... And so are the stories on our blog. Stay cool by reading up on the posts you may have missed: [caption id="attachment_4415" align="alignright" width="281"] Jack Jordan of Staunton came down with whooping cough when he was 4 weeks old. Photo courtesy of Lauren Jordan.[/caption] Baby Jack vs.…

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Mindfulness for Caregivers: How the Helpers Get Helped (Part 2)
General Health 7/26/2012

Previously, I spoke with John Schorling, MD, who leads mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) classes for doctors and other care providers twice a year with the UVA Mindfulness Center. Here's my conversation with Laura Meyer, a caregiver in the community who took one of Dr. Schorling’s classes in April of 2011. What is…

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Mindfulness for Caregivers: How the Helpers Get Helped (Part 1)
General Health 7/24/2012

In January, we looked at several ways our hospital uses mindfulness and other integrative medicine methods to help patients heal. But patients also benefit when our doctors also learn to practice mindfulness - they give better care. To find out how this works, I spoke with both a mindfulness class…

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Drowning: Facts and Tips You Didn’t Expect
Kids 6/26/2012

It was a gorgeous spring day on Memorial Day weekend, and we were lucky enough to be spending it in a refreshing lake in the woods with friends. Buoyed by the air inside their pink and green translucent swim rings, our children, who range from ages 4 to 7, sang…

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Monthly Roundup: Top Stories from May 2012 video post
News & Events 5/31/2012

[caption id="attachment_4150" align="alignright" width="300"] Watch how to fit your child's bike helmet the right way.[/caption] May go by too fast? Here's a quick snapshot of stories you might have missed from UVA Health this past month: Smart phone doubles as an artificial pancreas It might sound like something from a…

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Prenatal Vitamins: When, Why and How
Prevention 5/17/2012

Multivitamins aren’t usually necessary, according to a UVA pharmacist. But if you’re thinking about getting pregnant, it’s a different story. Women need extra calcium and vitamin D when pregnant, according to Mark Lepsch, MD. Infants in the womb “take what they need. Women’s calcium stores can drop significantly during pregnancy.”…

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Save Your Knees: Pay Attention to the Pain
Patient Stories 3/27/2012

My knees hurt. This is nothing new. After dancing fairly rigorously for 14 years, they started hurting when I was in high school, and I had to quit. Now in my mid-thirties - working at a desk job, wearing heels, running and doing yoga several times a week - it…

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