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Amy-Sarah Marshall (Page 20)

Amy-Sarah, lead content manager, came to web communications by way of a master of fine arts in poetry from George Mason University. Amy-Sarah applied her creative talents to working with several nonprofits to organize and present their content with the user experience in mind. Whether blogging, consulting, or developing SEO tactics, Amy-Sarah blends the artistic with the analytical to infuse every project with fresh vision. Her daily work at UVA Health includes content strategy, editorial direction, and managing digital platforms.

Posts by Amy-Sarah Marshall

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Women in Medicine: A History of Hard Battles and Kind Hearts
People of UVA 3/8/2012

Newark, early 1900s: A woman, just 5’1 with big blue eyes, stood before the board of the home for pregnant, unmarried women to challenge the director’s recommendation to cut the home’s funding – based on the prevalent notion that its residents were immoral and evil. As UVA obstetrician Elisa Trowbridge,…

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Get Your Kids to Eat Better: 16 Tips to Try, Day Two
Kids 2/3/2012

Today we’ll hear the rest of the tips from registered dietitian Angie Hasemann at the UVA Children's Fitness Clinic and find out how I fared putting a tip or two to the test. [caption id="attachment_2659" align="alignright" width="300"] Healthy food for kids doesn't have to be boring. These nachos form a…

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Get Your Kids to Eat Better: 16 Tips to Try, Day One

“If it were my kid, they’d eat whatever I served; I’m no short-order cook.” “When I was a child, I either ate my food or had it served cold at breakfast.” “Picky eaters weren’t allowed in my day.” [caption id="attachment_2662" align="alignright" width="276"] My kids would rather play with their food…

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Pay Attention: The Medicine of Mindfulness

Each Monday this month, we’re looking at the UVA Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Program. It starts like this. You’re driving down the road. Another driver pulls out, cuts you off without even looking. Or the truck behind you tailgates too close. Even before your brain registers what’s happening, your body…

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Nia: Giving Cancer Patients Something to Dance About video post

Each Monday this month, we’re looking at the UVA Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Program. When you meet Kristy Harvey, it’s not surprising to learn that she’s the one responsible for bringing Nia to the Health System as part of the integrative medicine program and the UVA Mindfulness Center. Her smile…

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Top 9 Posts of 2011: Which is Your Favorite?
News & Events 12/29/2011

Like many of you, we're taking a moment before the start of the new year to pause and reflect on the highlights of 2011. Considering what's been of interest to you will help us bring you even more to enjoy in the coming months. So, here are the most-read stories…

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Pancreatic Cancer: Debbie Ryan and Why You Should Care
Patient Stories 11/15/2011

It’s not every day you get to meet a living legend. On the eve of November, National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, that’s what I got to do — talk to one of the very, very few people alive who has survived pancreatic cancer. She also happens to be Debbie Ryan,…

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Teen Bullying: Taking It Seriously
Kids 10/20/2011

It’s been in the news a lot recently. Whether online or in person, teen bullying has had parents, schools, and communities grappling with how best to address this. It often seems to end in tragic stories of suicide and even murder. It’s not an easy issue to tackle. According to…

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Art With Heart Exhibit Opens: A UVA Children’s Hospital Benefit
Kids 10/14/2011

[caption id="attachment_1972" align="alignright" width="300"] Lily with her painting[/caption] It’s the opening night of the exhibit, and Lily just sold her first painting. And she’s only 6. She’s proud, but a little confused – some stranger wants her dog? In the crowded gallery at the McGuffey Art Center, Lily’s mother tries…

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Full Moon Rising: An Investigation of a Myth
News & Events 9/8/2011

“Things get crazy when it’s a full moon.” I’m sure you’ve heard it before – full moons fill hospitals: more babies are born, more people visit the emergency room. It’s the kind of conventional wisdom people talk about with unquestioned conviction – and have for years. Lunacy derives from the…

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