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Amy Sarah Marshall (Page 3)

Amy Sarah came to web communications by way of a master of fine arts in poetry from George Mason University. Amy Sarah applied her creative talents to working with several nonprofits to organize and present their content with the user experience in mind. Whether blogging, consulting or developing SEO tactics, Amy Sarah blends the artistic with the analytical to infuse every project with fresh vision. Her daily work at UVA Health System includes online advertising, Google Analytics, editing and reputation management.

Posts by Amy Sarah Marshall

Running outdoors in the Fall can make allergies attack.
How to Exercise Outdoors During Allergy Season
Exercise 10/3/2018

You may be excited to get out and go running now that the weather is cooler, only to discover that higher pollen and mold counts make outdoor exercise unbearable. Don't let allergies interrupt your morning jog with these helpful, easy tips.

Way shows Josephine how to breathe to ease anxiety.
My Sleepless Tween: How Yoga Helped My Child’s Anxiety and Insomnia
Kids 8/3/2018

Helping a sleepless tween figure out to manage stress, anxiety, and insomnia isn't easy. So I took my kid to see Dr. Way, who gave her a yoga prescription. My daughter learned to meditate, stretch, and take care of her worried thoughts. And now we're both less stressed. This is a story every parent should read.

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