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Anesthesia Online: Inventing a Virtual Medical Community
News & Events 9/26/2013

Dr. Ed Nemergut started OpenAnesthesia with modest goals. The UVA anesthesiologist figured he and a colleague could start a digital forum to help fellow anesthesiologists learn from each other. The project was conceived as a virtual textbook that could be edited by anyone, like a wiki.  Says Nemergut: “The thought…

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Historical Riches at the Library [VIDEO]
News & Events, Videos 9/24/2013

Think the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library is just for industrious medical students? Think again. The Health Sciences library is also home to a renowned collection of historical medical devices, artifacts and texts, almost all of which are available for public viewing.  Working on the ground floor below the library’s main…

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Food and Housing for Patients in Need
People of UVA 6/25/2013

It takes thousands of employees in all manner of positions to keep the UVA Health System humming. Without a small army of dedicated volunteers, however, the hospital would look like a much different place. A Century of Care The UVA Hospital Auxiliary, a 105-year-old, volunteer organization, exists solely to offer…

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New Menus Mean Healthy but Tasty Cafeteria Food
Nutrition, Prevention 5/22/2013

The folks responsible for the food served at UVA always have their work cut out for them. The food service operations at UVA must please a long list of clients, including: Patients Staff Families and friends And since it’s in a hospital, the cafeteria also increasingly tries to keep its…

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7 Quick Questions: Dr. John Jane Jr.
People of UVA 5/16/2013

Ever wonder what your doctor or health provider does outside the exam room? Our 7 Quick Questions series gives you a personal glimpse into the people of UVA. You in one sentence: My name is John Jane Jr. and I am a neurosurgeon at UVA. Hometown? I was born at…

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Questioning the Bias of Courtroom Experts
News & Events 4/1/2013

The weight that a judge or jury gives the testimony of psychological experts during a trial hinges on those experts’ impartiality. But new research from UVA’s School of Medicine and Sam Houston State University suggests that some experts are actually biased toward the side that hired them — perhaps without…

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Simulating the Driving Experience video post
General Health, Videos 3/29/2013

Behind-the-wheel driving tests can be an important prerequisite for getting or renewing a driver’s license. These tests are notoriously subjective. The weather and traffic volumes, for instance, can affect the outcomes. A rainy day in bumper-to-bumper traffic can test one’s driving skill in ways different than a sunny morning with…

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UVA Doctors Question Milk Fat’s Role in Childhood Weight Gain
Kids, News & Events 3/20/2013

Preventing Child Obesity: What Milk Should Children Drink? Children who drink low-fat milk will gain less weight than those drinking whole milk, right? Maybe not. New research from UVA's School of Medicine suggests that preschoolers who drink low-fat  (skim or 1 percent) milk are more likely to be overweight than…

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UVA Researchers Slash Recovery Time for Cancer Surgery
News & Events 2/13/2013

A new approach to cancer care at UVA is helping patients heal faster. A typical hospital stay after a Whipple procedure to treat pancreatic cancer is as long as two weeks, but the new approach at UVA is often cutting that time in half. This allows patients to begin potentially life-saving chemotherapy…

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