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People of UVA (Page 21)

Get to know your doctor; meet a heroic nurse: Go behind the scenes of UVA hospital with up-close portraits of the people who provide patient care, conduct the cutting-edge research, provide the services that keep the medical center running.

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New Doctors in Charlottesville: An Introduction
People of UVA 10/1/2012

We have many new doctors here at UVA, and we wanted to introduce you to a few here on the blog. Andra James, MD Andra James, MD, brings expertise in women’s health, from obstetrics and gynecology to maternal-fetal medicine. She is involved nationally and internationally in activities to improve healthcare for…

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UVA Hand Center: A Visit With Dr. Chhabra
People of UVA 8/22/2012

The place is lovely. With a flat-screen TV, stylish yet comfortable chairs and gorgeous art on the walls, the UVA Hand Center lobby feels more like a contemporary living room than a waiting room. When I meet Bobby Chhabra, MD, the co-director of the center, he explains the origins of…

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RAM: The First Year, and Definitely Not the Last
People of UVA 8/3/2012

Robyn Reynolds is a director in the Marketing Department at UVA. She recently volunteered at the Remote Area Medical Clinic (RAM), an annual three-day event in Wise, Va., that offers free medical, dental and vision care. [caption id="attachment_4472" align="alignright" width="300"] UVA employee Robyn Reynolds, right, recently volunteered at the Remote…

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UVA Employees: Helping Patients Throughout the World
People of UVA 7/12/2012

UVA’s doctors and nurses care for patients in Charlottesville every day, but their service doesn’t stop in Virginia. Each year, many of our healthcare professionals volunteer to provide free medical care to people in need throughout the world. [caption id="attachment_4331" align="alignright" width="300"] Trena Berg, RN, poses with a 4-year-old Bolivian…

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Medical TV Shows: Do Doogie Howser and Dr. House Work Here?
People of UVA 3/16/2012

Working at a hospital is exciting. [caption id="attachment_3675" align="alignright" width="300"] Is there this much drama and romance in a real hospital, or are medical shows like Grey's Anatomy unrealistic?[/caption] Every week, the doctors face their toughest cases yet. Every patient is a medical mystery. Nurses and residents duck into closets…

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Women in Medicine: A History of Hard Battles and Kind Hearts
People of UVA 3/8/2012

Newark, early 1900s: A woman, just 5’1 with big blue eyes, stood before the board of the home for pregnant, unmarried women to challenge the director’s recommendation to cut the home’s funding – based on the prevalent notion that its residents were immoral and evil. As UVA obstetrician Elisa Trowbridge,…

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UVA Nurse-Turned-Massage-Therapist Offers Patients Relief from Cancer
People of UVA 3/6/2012

In January, we told you about the healing massage services at UVA Hope Cancer Care in Charlottesville. But did you know this service is also available at the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center? [caption id="attachment_3602" align="alignright" width="203"] Dinah Pehrson-Day provides massage therapy for patients at the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer…

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UVA Nurse Falls Short of the Olympic Marathon, Plans to Try Again in 2016
People of UVA 1/17/2012

After a year filled with personal bests, Louise Knudson didn’t have a great race at the Olympic Trials Marathon Saturday. [caption id="attachment_3049" align="alignright" width="300"] Olympic Trials Marathon Runner Louise Knudson[/caption] Knudson, an RN who works with patients recovering from heart and lung surgery, placed 114 out of the 152 runners…

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