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Healthy living: Find tips on healthy recipes, weight loss, fitness. Learn easy things you can do for disease prevention, overall wellness, staying healthy.

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Poisonous Snakes: Just Leave Them Alone
Prevention 7/13/2011

Poisonous snakes. Mention those words, and a lot of people freak out. When I told my co-workers I wanted to write about snakebites, one flinched and shrieked, “Ew, snakes!” Another refused to look at the copperhead photo in this post. But snakes aren’t as big a threat as we think…

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Will You Have a Heart Attack? Four Questions
Prevention 7/12/2011

Heart disease (also called cardiovascular disease) is our country’s leading cause of death. One in three American women will die from some form of the disease, including: Heart attack Stroke Heart failure So what can you do? Ask yourself these four questions. We talked to Christopher Kramer, MD, a UVA…

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10 Fireworks Safety Tips for the Fourth
Kids, Prevention 6/30/2011

Cookouts, patriotic parades and fireworks. What better way to celebrate the summer and our nation’s founding? But the Fourth of July is also a potentially dangerous holiday. Fireworks cause injuries and fires every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2008 fireworks injured 7,000 people and…

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Improving Men’s Health Through Competition
Exercise 6/9/2011

The urology department began the Men’s Four Miler in 2004 when the physicians realized that the men they were treating for prostate cancer were, in fact, more likely to die from heart disease than their cancer.

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4 Steps to Sun Safety for Your Kids
Kids, Prevention 6/1/2011

"Sunscreen time!" "I don't want it!" Sound familiar? Getting kids, whether toddlers or teenagers, to stand still long enough for you to adequately cover them with sunscreen can be a daunting task. But it's a crucial one; children get most of their lifetime sun exposure before age 18. And since…

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Heart Failure: Are You At Risk?
Prevention 5/24/2011

Tony was only 53. But he was often short of breath and too tired to play with his kids or enjoy golf. We often think heart failure only happens to older people, but younger adults like Tony with other (sometimes undiagnosed) heart conditions or other risk factors can also develop…

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Mammogram Advice for Your 30s, 40s and Beyond
Prevention 5/23/2011

Breast care got really confusing a while back when recommendations were released for mammography screenings. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) — a group of health experts — recommended that women start mammograms at age 50, instead of 40. Different groups, like the American Cancer Society, all weighed in…

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