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Healthy living: Find tips on healthy recipes, weight loss, fitness. Learn easy things you can do for disease prevention, overall wellness, staying healthy.

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Pay Attention: The Medicine of Mindfulness

Each Monday this month, we’re looking at the UVA Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Program. It starts like this. You’re driving down the road. Another driver pulls out, cuts you off without even looking. Or the truck behind you tailgates too close. Even before your brain registers what’s happening, your body…

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X-Rays: Are They Safe?
Prevention 1/5/2012

Medical imaging tests help doctors diagnose diseases, from kidney stones and appendicitis to blockages in the coronary arteries and cancer. But a recent wave of national news headlines say Americans may be having too many medical imaging procedures, exposing them to potentially harmful radiation. So should you be concerned about…

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Nia: Giving Cancer Patients Something to Dance About video post

Each Monday this month, we’re looking at the UVA Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Program. When you meet Kristy Harvey, it’s not surprising to learn that she’s the one responsible for bringing Nia to the Health System as part of the integrative medicine program and the UVA Mindfulness Center. Her smile…

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Integrative Medicine: A Series on Treating the Mind, Body and Spirit

Each Monday this January, we’ll look at the UVA Cancer Center's Integrative Medicine Program. The program focuses on the mind, body and spirit of our cancer patients. Also called alternative therapy, holistic therapy or complementary therapy, these services help patients feel better and get through their cancer treatment more effectively.…

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Diabetes on the Rise: This Month, Get to Know Your Risk
Prevention 11/11/2011

When it comes to your health, diabetes is anything but sweet. This disease affects 25 million children and adults in the United States – and it’s on the rise. November is National Diabetes Month, and there’s no better time than now to find out if you’re at risk. In honor…

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Spiders: Fact vs. Fiction
Prevention 10/12/2011

There’s a lot of hype out there about spiders. This summer, I had a bunch of quarter-sized creepy crawly things with eight legs and white marks on their backs scurrying around my house. I just assumed they were black widows. I didn’t get much sleep. Then a few of my…

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“Those Are Some Expensive Tomatoes!”: When to Buy Organic
Nutrition, Prevention 9/15/2011

The word “organic” is everywhere. Many grocery stores have separate sections for organic produce and packaged foods. You can even buy macaroni and cheese with organic bright yellow cheese powder. That magical word makes us think we’re eating better, but it also comes with a higher price tag. Is it…

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Incontinence: The Common Problem You’re Not Talking About
Prevention 8/30/2011

Elisa Trowbridge, MD, who works with patients with pelvic floor disorders, contributed this post. It's an extremely common medical problem that most people don't discuss in polite company: urine leakage. This embarrassing problem affects 40 percent of women in the United States in one of the following forms: Stress incontinence,…

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