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Category: Prevention (Page 30)

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Heart-Smart Shopping Video Series: Grocery Basics video post

Ever wish you could take a nutritionist to the grocery store with you? Now you can. In celebration of Heart Month, Teller Stalfort, registered dietitian with the UVA Heart and Vascular Center, took us on a guided tour of a Charlottesville supermarket. We recorded her tips and insights on how to shop…

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Cholesterol: Let’s Talk Numbers
Prevention 2/5/2013

Did you know one-third of Americans have elevated cholesterol, and many don’t even realize it? There are no symptoms for high cholesterol, which causes buildup in the arteries and can lead to heart disease and heart attack. That’s why it’s important to know your numbers: Your cholesterol, triglycerides and blood…

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COPD: It’s an Often Deadly Condition, But There Is Relief
Prevention 1/24/2013

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) is the third leading cause of death in the United States. It’s a progressive disease (that means it gets worse over time) that includes two main forms: Chronic bronchitis: A persistent, long-term cough that produces mucus Emphysema: The gradual destruction of the lung’s air sacs…

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A Night at the Sleep Center: Video video post
Prevention, Videos 1/11/2013

Your wake up in the morning feeling like you haven’t slept at all. Your partner complains about your loud, almost violent snoring. You have trouble getting to sleep, and when you do, you often wake up many times during the night. These sorts of sleep issues are very common, but…

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Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: Supplement Chiro-inositol May Help
Prevention 1/9/2013

There’s a lot of debate about the benefits of nutritional supplements and whether some do more harm than good. But researchers found one supplement that may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Chiro-inositol, a compound that occurs naturally in foods, protects the brain from the toxins that cause Alzheimer’s, UVA and Northwestern…

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Not Candy: Laundry Pods Make Kids Sick
Kids, Prevention 12/18/2012

But now there’s a newer product that is serious: the colorful laundry pods or dishwashing detergent pods that look like toys or candy. The pods are about one square inch in size and feel squishy. They can have powder or concentrated liquid inside them, but it’s the concentrated liquid ones that cause severe illness in kids.

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How My Mother Died: A Daughter’s Story of HIV/AIDS

It took Teshema Anderson a long time to feel comfortable telling people how her mother died. A well-dressed, professional-looking woman with a beaming smile, happy family and successful career who speaks openly and with conviction, it’s hard to believe she ever felt scared of anything. But when it came to…

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