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The Best Diet Plans: An Expert Guide to Healthy Eating (Page 2)

summer fruits and veggies
Summer fruits and veggies aren’t just delicious, they’re good for you, too.

It happens to most of us, at one point or another. You decide to change what you eat. Maybe it’s just a health concern. Or you want to lose weight. Whatever the reason, you start scrolling on your phone for the best diet plans, and you end up lost, confused, and oddly very hungry.

The advice you find on what to eat often conflicts. Should you eat like a caveman? Avoid meat? Does salt matter? What if you have a gluten allergy or cancer, diabetes or a heart condition?

As UVA Health registered dietitian Katherine Basbaum says: “Keep in mind that just because a diet is popular doesn’t mean it’s good for you.” So how do you know what the best diet plan is for you?

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The Best Diet Plans

The best diet plans are those that rely on research and science. But what you eat depends on you as an individual. Your body type, your activity levels, and your genes all play a part in your metabolism. Chronic conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer may limit your options.

We can’t tell you what you should eat. But we can give you facts from our experts to help you discover what works for you.

These articles address the pros and cons of many of the main fad diets and trends you’ve heard about. We also address specific ways nutrition and healthy eating can support your weight goals or medical concerns.

olive oil
Should You Splurge on Virgin? Get the Skinny on Olive Oils
Nutrition 6/27/2017

You’ve likely gotten the message loud and clear: olive oil is the go-to pick in the kitchen over animal fats like butter. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which olive oil is best? We asked registered dietitian Katherine Basbaum to give us the lowdown. Why…

paleo diet nutrition
The Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet
Nutrition, Videos 5/23/2017

The Paleo Diet™ is called the “caveman diet” for a reason. It’s based on the premise that the best foods for us are those that our ancestors ate. That is, no processed foods, dairy or refined sugars. Instead, Paleo followers opt for fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. In a recent…

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar: Uncovering The Hype
Nutrition 5/16/2017

Apple cider vinegar has potential to be good for your health. But will it really help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol and blood sugar levels? An expert nutritionist reveals the truth.

placeholder image
A Personal Perspective on Celiac Disease
General Health 1/7/2015

You may have heard about it as a fad diet and perhaps even tried it yourself. Some people claim going gluten-free makes them feel more energetic and awake. But for those with celiac disease, it is a necessary lifestyle change that can help to prevent other serious health conditions. My…

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