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high cholesterol, smoking and blood pressure affect your heart age
Heart Age: How Old Is Your Heart?
Podcasts, Prevention 2/23/2016

Certain conditions and behaviors can mean your heart is as healthy — or unhealthy — as someone much older or younger than you. Smoking, for example, can lead to a stroke or heart attack even in your 20s. Calculate your heart age to find out if you're at risk.

Kathleen McManus, MD
Research Roundup, Oct. 2015: Heart Disease Risk for Teens video post
News & Events, Videos 10/30/2015

This month, researchers announced a new diagnostic test that can help physicians predict teenagers’ future risk of developing heart disease. Researchers also looked at the effects of weight-loss surgery, the heart’s reliance on blood sugar, how the Affordable Care Act benefited low-income HIV patients in Virginia and the number of…

A rare heart condition led to a pediatric heart transplant for Tameka
A New Heart for Tameka: A Patient Story
Kids 9/1/2015

Tameka Brown had just started her senior year at Amherst County High School. But that fall, she started feeling tired and wasn't up to doing anything. She lost weight and was cold all the time.

placeholder image
Heart Attacks in Men: Prevention to Recovery
Prevention 2/4/2015

February is National Heart Month. In addition to sharing your heart with your valentine, you should also take some time this month to learn more about the importance of having a healthy heart. This entire month is dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease and prevention. Heart disease is the…

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