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Woman blowing her nose at the pharmacy
Are You Taking the Right Cold Medicine?
General Health 2/4/2019

The cold and flu aisle at your local pharmacy is filled with a seemingly endless supply of remedies offering symptom relief. But keep in mind there is no cure for the common cold and medication won’t shorten the duration of your illness

yoga, medical yoga
Do Yoga Anytime, Anywhere with this Video video post
Exercise, Videos 10/3/2017

Within the past decade, yoga has infiltrated not only Western culture, but also Western medicine. That’s because the more we learn about this ancient practice, the more we realize its benefits go far beyond flexibility and muscle toning. Multiple studies have shown that yoga can positively impact the body in…

sleeping on the couch can cause the pins and needles feeling
Is This Normal: The Pins-and-Needles Feeling
General Health 3/22/2017

Most of us have experienced the pins-and-needles feeling. Maybe you slept on your arm, or you squeezed into an awkward position in a tiny airplane seat and your foot fell asleep. Here's how to tell if it means something is really wrong.

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