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living with cancer
How to Cope with Losing a Testicle
General Health 4/3/2017

Losing a testicle or having prostate cancer can take a toll on a man’s ego. You may feel that testicles represent your masculinity and sexuality. It’s normal when you lose a testicle to worry about how others might view you or to feel concerned about how it will change your…

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Series: Is This Normal?
General Health 3/23/2017

From sleepwalking to heart flutters, In this series we ask experts if the weird things our bodies and minds do is normal or if they're worth worrying about.

cancer prevention
Benefits of Probiotics in Cancer Prevention
General Health 2/9/2017

Probiotics are good bacteria that live in your intestines. Foods like yogurt have live cultures that keep your immune system healthy. Add probiotics to your diet to reap their benefits, which include potential cancer prevention.

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