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Patient Stories (Page 15)

A cancer survivor. A heart attack victim. Pediatric patients. Be inspired by medical stories from ordinary people who’ve had extraordinary challenges. Hear about the health problems and transformations of our patients.

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Save Your Knees: Pay Attention to the Pain
Patient Stories 3/27/2012

My knees hurt. This is nothing new. After dancing fairly rigorously for 14 years, they started hurting when I was in high school, and I had to quit. Now in my mid-thirties - working at a desk job, wearing heels, running and doing yoga several times a week - it…

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Common Bonds: Mended Little Hearts of Charlottesville Helps Families Affected by Congenital Heart Defects
Patient Stories 3/22/2012

Recreation therapist Laurie Sewell sits cross-legged on the floor of a UVA hospital conference room. She’s demonstrating infant massage techniques on a doll while 2-year-old Haley Poore watches her and plays with a colorful toddler toy. [caption id="attachment_3742" align="alignright" width="300"] Recreational therapist Laurie Sewell (right) and Mended Little Hearts volunteer…

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Antioxidants and Vegan Diets: The Role of a Cancer Center Dietitian
Patient Stories 1/16/2012

Each Monday this month, we’re looking at the UVA Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Program. How would you react if you found out the 4.5-centimeter lump on your breast was cancer?  What if you were just 31 years old, otherwise healthy and a busy student working towards a PhD? [caption id="attachment_2979"…

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A Heart Rhythm Back on Track
Patient Stories 12/15/2011

After running his first marathon in November 2010, Todd Smith was in the best shape of his life. At 49 years old, he felt great. So it came as a surprise in early 2011 when he started having frequent bouts of unexplained lightheadedness. [caption id="attachment_2530" align="alignright" width="300"] Heart rhythm patient…

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Pancreatic Cancer: Debbie Ryan and Why You Should Care
Patient Stories 11/15/2011

It’s not every day you get to meet a living legend. On the eve of November, National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, that’s what I got to do — talk to one of the very, very few people alive who has survived pancreatic cancer. She also happens to be Debbie Ryan,…

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A Young Mother’s Story of Liver Transplant and Survival
Patient Stories 11/1/2011

Leah Yetzer, 30, was 37 weeks pregnant with twin boys in 2009 when doctors discovered she’d developed HELLP syndrome, a rare but serious condition that occurs during pregnancy or just after delivery. HELLP reduces red blood cells and increases liver enzymes. Leah was airlifted to UVA, where she had a…

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