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Local Food Day in the Cafeteria

If you’re in the Health System’s main cafeteria on October 24, you’ll get a chance to celebrate Food Day with some great local offerings.

UVA’s dietitians are participating in the nationwide event, created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) to highlight local, sustainable food, says Kendra…

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Recipe Review Thursday: Banana Mousse

We’re trying new heart-healthy recipes every month and will share the results with you. All recipes are from Club Red, UVA’s heart health club for women.

A healthy dessert that’s easy to make and tastes like banana pudding.

Banana Mousse

With four kids in the house, there’s rules about dessert. It:

  • Must be quick…
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  • Vitamin-Rich Recipes: Caribbean Rice

    Recipe courtesy of Morrison Management Specialists

    This dish is light but full of flavor, perfect for summer lunches. It was featured in our cafeteria recently.

    Makes 6 servings


    For the rice:

    2 cups hot water

    1/2 teaspoon low sodium vegetable base (no msg)

    1 cup brown basmati rice (long grain, dry)

    For the salsa:

    1/2 cup fresh mango,…

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    Heart Month Tip 29: The Replacements

    Try out these alternatives when you’re cooking dinner:

    Celebrating Heart Month

    • When baking brownies or a cake, use applesauce instead of oil. If the recipe calls for ¼ cup of oil, just use ¼ cup of no sugar-added applesauce.
    • Try switching from coffee to green tea. It has a lot of antioxidants…
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